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Paisaje 3 - 3
25 June 2017

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21 May 2017

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Abstracto 2 - 2
28 April 2017

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B&N 1 - 2
20 April 2017

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19 March 2017

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28 February 2017

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Atardecer 2 - 2
8 February 2017

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Día de playa 6 - 7
17 July 2016

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24 January 2014

Recent Comments

Ruthiebear on Chichilo se duerme con música
This is adorable! HUGS

Devi on Chichilo se duerme con música
aw !! How adorable !!!!!

L'Angevine on Paisaje 3 - 3
bel effet

Shaun on Chichilo se duerme con música
A nice capture of a very content cat.

tataray on Chichilo se duerme con música
Très heureux, aucune gêne par le son. Il est superbe. 5*) Belle journée. )

L'Angevine on Paisaje 2 - 3
belles couleurs

Shaun on Paisaje 3 - 3
Magnificent image in B/W. 5*

Devi on Paisaje 2 - 3
wow...fabulous image and great framing

Ruthiebear on Paisaje 2 - 3
Love the dynamic light! HUGS

Curly on Paisaje 2 - 3
Fabulous explosion of yellows and oranges.

Shaun on Paisaje 2 - 3
Beautiful color through the trees. Excellent image.

tataray on Paisaje 2 - 3
Couleurs superbes que j'aime. Magnifique. )

Adela Fonts on Jazmín del cielo
El anteior comentario pertenece a la imagen anterior... internet me ha jugado una mala pasada... Preciosos ...

Adela Fonts on Jazmín del cielo
Magnífica imagen llena de luz en B/N... m'encanta amiga!

Ruthiebear on Paisaje en blanco y negro
An eerie mood in B&W. HUGS

L'Angevine on Paisaje en blanco y negro
bel effet

L'Angevine on Jazmín del cielo
beau bleu

Devi on Paisaje en blanco y negro
this is simply magnificent !

Shaun on Paisaje en blanco y negro
A magnificent and moody image 5*

omid on Paisaje en blanco y negro
such beautiful composition & atmosphere!

tataray on Paisaje en blanco y negro
Merveilleux. 5*)

Devi on Jazmín del cielo
wow...awesome colours here !

L'Angevine on Ocaso
belle lumière

Shaun on Jazmín del cielo
Excellent color on these beautiful flowers. Superb image. Greetings.

omid on Jazmín del cielo
such beautiful composition, colors & lights! L O V E L Y !!!!!!!!!

Curly on Ocaso
I feel the burn!

Devi on Ocaso
wow...brilliant brilliance here !

Ruthiebear on Ocaso
I like the explosion of light! HUGS

Shaun on Ocaso
Superb light and color in this image.

omid on Ocaso
such beautiful composition, tones & lighting! Amazing!

yo on Paisaje
Des meringues flottantes ! :) Très beau N&B !

L'Angevine on Paisaje
bien ce ciel

Ruthiebear on Paisaje
THE B&W is perfect - a lovely scene HUGS

Shaun on Paisaje
Excellent cloud formation, wonderful silhouettes in this image. Great shot in B/W. 5*

Devi on Paisaje
LOVELY.... what a superb mood here !

omid on Paisaje
such beautiful composition, lights & silhouettes! lovely clouds!

tataray on Paisaje
Plutôt ciel ! .... Magnifique composition. 5* Belle journée. )

Hiro on Bouquet
Fantastic !

Adela Fonts on Bouquet
Una imagen con aromas de tiempos pasados... romántica... Preciosa amiga!

Nazzareno on Bouquet
Lovely bouquet in bw

Ruthiebear on Bouquet
Lovely in B&W HUGS

L'Angevine on Bouquet
bel effet

Devi on Bouquet
Lovely bouquet !!!!!!!

tataray on Bouquet
joli montage ... ) Belle journée.

Shaun on Bouquet
A superb presentation in B/W. 5*

omid on Bouquet
Lovely flowers!

L'Angevine on Atardecer
beau ciel

Curly on Atardecer
Corr, this place is on fire!

Devi on Atardecer
wow...a fabulous sky here !

Ruthiebear on Atardecer
I love the dramatic light! HUGS

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